Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Once upon a time, there lived a young monk. He was so selfish and stingy, that he was discontented that the smoke from his incense sticks to his Buddha on the altar during his devotions drifted everywhere in the breeze in the temple. So, can you guess what he did? He looked for a hollow baboo stick, that would funnel the smoky fragrance to his Buddha alone! Directly to the statue's nose! A senior monk, concerned with the smooth-running and harmony of the temple, noticed these actions of the young monk and explained the error and misunderstanding of his practice...that one should not be selfish. One should not be greedy. One should not be stingy...etc. etc. In fact, that the young monk's actions were not in the spirit of what Shakyamuni Buddha originally conceived and taught since his first sermon on Vulture Peak. The admonishment was given in a gentle and kindly manner, so the young monk dismantled the hollow bamboo....only to find that his actions had caused the Buddha to now be ugly with a sooty, black nose! Thus, did the young monk learn. GASSHO. May all beings be free from suffering and grow in love and harmony. AMEN.

4 / MARCH /2015

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  1. Apologies for typo. "baboo" should obviously read "bamboo". Such is the way i designed this post, that when i tried to correct a previous typo, on my initial attempt, i lost all that i had written! i am not going to risk that happening a second time. i am not in the lineage of ROBERT THE BRUCE !!!