Sunday, 29 April 2012

there's blossoms up 'road...




& the road

all wet

with rain

goldcroft road - weymouth - sunday afternoon
29 / april / 2012
in the pouring rain


Friday, 27 April 2012

NEIL YOUNG in Weymouth

Neil Young really hit it in the early '70's : 4 brilliant albums - "AFTER THE GOLD RUSH", "HARVEST", "TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT", and the one that really caught my attention - "ON THE BEACH"....and in Weymouth you cannot get away from it...and it is the best beach around for miles. Whenever i stroll the sands, or cycle along the sea-wall..WHEREVER ...Weymouth is definitely defined by its huge stretch of sand. John Cowper Powys, of course, wrote that classic - WEYMOUTH SANDS - yet here am i remembering Neil Young....and it is all because of them seagulls, always watching and waiting for scraps, chips....etcetera...

...and what are those crows looking at ? Just one little yacht does not make it The Olympics just yet....and me ....? Well, "i'm just sitting here on the beach ..........but those seagulls are out of reach.....GET OUT OF TOWN, think i'll get out of town."  Anyways, i'm sitting on a deckchair with my pineapple and passion fruit pot from ASDA....and Neil Young's lyrics continue to circulate...

....Day after day, happy to be in Weymouth. One should not search outside of self (microcosm) for happiness. And now i will not look outside of Weymouth (macrocosm) for happiness....Utterly settled and content. It has taken 64 years !!

Easy when one has this...

....and this...

....or this...

....and to quote Bolinas poet, JOANNE KYGER.....
(only in WEYMOUTH !!)

*   *   *   *   *

Wednesday, 18 April 2012



w/out words
small lights
lead the way


quiet steps
immense intervals
on stairs


spring night
considering birdsong &
puddles of rain


excursions into
the night sky
moment by moment


only God could
stop these thoughts
stop this music


hermit daydreams
not looking
not listening


april / 2012 golden goji hermitage.

                           * * * * * *

Monday, 16 April 2012

drifting thru dorchester

sunday - dorchester mainly inhabited by crazy clouds.

*  *  *  *  *

Sunday, 15 April 2012


i generally start with a bit of water in the pan and proceed to "boil everything down" !! starting with bite-size pieces of potato...., i added some chopped baby-corn...

almost forgot...should have added some barley at the beginning, but i'd been dreaming of lovely, comforting potatoes....

....added pkt. of organic dwarf french beans i found reduced @ WAITROSE = my supermarket of choice....

....added one of these chillies..the largest...chopped it finely...used seeds and all. Do not forget to rinse hands a'wards ! Imperative not to touch eyes or mouth/lips after handling....

....only a little celery as i wanted to have enough to add to a fresh,raw juice in the morning. Once you are familiar, all amounts are variable in this sort of cooking. But be aware of strong flavours...not too much spice etc....and it is possible to add too many dried or fresh herbs and concoct an herbal rather than a vegetable stew !!!...

....somewhere along the line add some fresh or packaged or canned tomatoes....lots of very competitively priced organic ones available. most of these ingredients are organic. EAT ORGANIC if you can...

wash and add some spinach - chop a little, if not baby leaves, like these....

....less than a tsp. of good salt to the whole pot - and it's a LARGE pot ! Some cumin, some tumeric and some herbs...not too much now, d'ya hear ? are not a fly-by-night, you will always cook this way...except that at least 50% of diet is maybe ideally raw. More raw in summer, more cooked in winter...but use your intuition. Fresh pineapple in northern climes in winter...or strawberries ? Do what you can, while thinking about sustainable futures for the WHOLE of humanity... not forget to use-up not too-far-gone vegetables - like these spring onions/scallions...almost forgot the courgettes and baby carrots...chuck it all in.!...with experience you will always make the right decisions about what to add...

,,,after everything in pot has been simmering and very steamy,bubbly-hot (about 30 minutes from the start) - take pot off your conventional hob and place this inner pot into MR.D's THERMAL COOKER. YES ! THERMAL. NO GAS. NO ELECTRICITY. NO WOODBURNING STOVE. THERMAL. NO FURTHER USE OF ENERGY.!
You may go out on the town now, have a bath, whatever...Dinner will be hot and ready in 3,4, 5 hours time...whenever. The longer it is left, the cooler it becomes. Just reheat a portion for you and your loved one, or  family, when it is time to eat.

i'm gonna enjoy mine  !!!

*  *  *

Saturday, 14 April 2012


In the chapel
in the garden
my friend sits
in meditation
while i sit on bus
speeding towards Bridport -
w/ rabbits bobbing in fields
& Mr. Fox, roadkilled in gutter -
to join him.

Tastes & flavours of
on my lips & palate
still warm in my mind
given me
by Aidan Chapman
master baker
at The Phoenix
in Weymouth
even now ? tasting
the cookie i left him
one of the 3 i'd intended
as the 3 jewels
for my friend
sitting in the chapel
in Bridport.
2 will be enough -
elements of each
exists in the others.

In the chapel
in the garden
my friend sits
while a pheasant
flies from the fields
'longside my bus.
"We" are colleagues
of the Buddha
heading in the same

14 / april / 2012.......andiamo....bernard hemensley

*  *  *

Thursday, 12 April 2012

harbour to old stone pier @ six in the mornin'

*  *  *

early-morning start is best

Love to go to bed @ night. Love to get-up in the morning -- VERY EARLY in the morning. 5 hours solid sleep last night (thursday12april). i've been sipping water and lime (out of lemons) for a while, pottering about tidying and rearranging my "new" bedchamber. Right now, it's coming on 5 in the morning & i have a fresh juice = carrot, apple, celery and lime, while i compose this new blog.
i have a, roughly 50%raw/50% cooked, plant-based, whole food diet - (vegan).
& i feel like an ecstatic being @ 64 - (i loved that Beatles song - now i sing it to heart's content.)

* * *


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

i-gettin' the best o' the sun/rise

from t'other side of radipole lake to bowleaze by bike 06.00

momma told me there'd be days like these !! - sherryl crow.
photos taken in the space of half-an-hour, edited and shown in sequence. no nothing.

* * *