Saturday, 14 April 2012


In the chapel
in the garden
my friend sits
in meditation
while i sit on bus
speeding towards Bridport -
w/ rabbits bobbing in fields
& Mr. Fox, roadkilled in gutter -
to join him.

Tastes & flavours of
on my lips & palate
still warm in my mind
given me
by Aidan Chapman
master baker
at The Phoenix
in Weymouth
even now ? tasting
the cookie i left him
one of the 3 i'd intended
as the 3 jewels
for my friend
sitting in the chapel
in Bridport.
2 will be enough -
elements of each
exists in the others.

In the chapel
in the garden
my friend sits
while a pheasant
flies from the fields
'longside my bus.
"We" are colleagues
of the Buddha
heading in the same

14 / april / 2012.......andiamo....bernard hemensley

*  *  *

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