Monday, 2 April 2012

sandsfoot : castle & crow : sunrise





(v) ....for my mum (april 3rd)

(vi)....for k.h. and t.h.
(who both love/d 'em)

*  *  *  *  *  * 


  1. Nice pics. And crows. Crowey as Mum wld say. So Tim liked them too? Tell me more...

  2., Kris....different T.H....was in fact meaning TED HUGHES, for his book = CROW. i only read it years and years later, and loved it, not thinking that i would. In a way, lovely serendipity, that your T.H. was your Tim.... DID TIM LIKE CROWS THO'? unbeknownst to all....<3

  3. Ah, of course, forgive my slow head! Yes, Ted Hughes... 'not thinking that i would' = when one refuses negative influences & reads for oneself! Yes of course. The old either/or tyranny. I must have a look again at Hughes myself. I remember sitting with you & family in Devon, roadside pub, and across the fields was large stand of trees wch was home to an immense rookery. Brilliant. Thanks for the pic. Also just thought of Buson's crow. And all his mates. Up & down the mountain. Poems on the go!