Tuesday, 27 August 2013


A great tenderness felt
for a fly
on my knee
this cool August afternoon
as it rubs
its legs together
and i do not move
or swat it away...

And i felt
a great tenderness
a few days ago
towards a baby bird's
frantic flutterings
as it quickly regained
the open sky
on entering the room
where i lay...

And in the dark
on my back
looking thru the skylight
around mid-night
on many nights
a great tenderness
towards the stars above...

And on the radio
Joni Mitchell sings...
"we are stardust
we are golden
and we gotta
get ourselves
back to the garden..."

And the rhythms
of my heart
more settled
as i feel
a great tenderness
towards this soft body
and all that is...
Golden GOJI Hermitage
Twenty-seventh of  August