Tuesday, 17 February 2015


This morning, i set-out, with the intention of going to Dorchester. However, whilst waiting for the #10 Bus, opposite Morrisons Supermarket, i noticed that some bus information at the stop was reading - "Collision at Bincombe : there will be delays on the road between Weymouth and Dorchester." So, i recrossed road and only waited a couple of minutes, for a #2 Bus into town and the seafront. i walked on beach to the waterline and regarded the blue and blue of it all.
Within a short time i was sitting at a table on the beach-side with Tuborg Lager and salted crisps and peanuts. Table Service. Sitting in the sun with unimpeded view of the sands and waters of Weymouth Bay... with two tankers and the white cliffs beyond...and with a stream of soap-bubbles being chased by two children in the care of their mother, nearby. Then it was football, while i sipped my lager.
It's the half-term school holidays...with many young families, walking and playing all along the flat, curving sands...and dogs running free or on leads.
Aluminium tables and chairs glint around me in the sunlight. The blue sky untroubled by clouds. It looks set to last like this all day.
Plastic spades and buckets the mainstay of play today. It's as good as summer to my eye. Well, an early Spring...it is only mid-February. We are truly God's chosen ones, today, to be blessed with such a day. So pleasant to be sitting here on the decked area of the beach kiosk, that i go for another bottle of Tuborg. It is not yet mid-day.
Facing the sea, to my left, far away, is the spire of St.John's Church. And the Pavilion and the masts of a rigger, moored in the Harbour, can be seen to my right. Just behind me is a woman, my attention drawn by her regular, bronchitic coughing. She reads and sips her cappuccino, which the waiter spilled, filling the saucer, when the table tilted, as he put it on the table. The woman was relaxed and unconcerned. For a while, i was sure the waiter was gonna go and get a replacement, as he hesitated for a long time.
The patio, now blossoming with customers and coffees. Some 25 people sitting out here at this little kiosk area on the beach. When I came, there were but 5 of us, and then 2 left, before it got busier.
Yellow anorak. Orange anorak. Green anorak. Pink jeans amongst countless blue denim jeans. Sun-glasses and sea-gulls. And the blue sky...the blue sea...and the blue and blue of it all. And i cannot hear the noise of traffic, if any, nearby.
Golden GOJI Hermitage
17 february 2015




  1. Tuborg in the morning, ay?! Lovely Report. I'll have to get another job! Can't get over the fact it's only mid Feb. yet you evoke very pleasant weather & beach activities. Wasnt like that in the old days (our own young days)! Did you sit with notebook or all remembered later? As was discussed a little while ago, details is all.

  2. Thanx K. Tuborg because i do not drink tea, coffee or dairy milk AND i shy away from juices and pop!
    i think everyone on the beach could not believe the clemency of the Weather Gods, granting us such a day. As you say, it was NOT like that in "our day". And, February, the month of my birth, was ALWAYS notoriously COLD! Nothing stays the same...All is subject to change...including myself...sitting in the sun, drinking lager and scribbling furiously in notebook with biro...NOW, that's quite a change...am more of a writer, since taking-up your injunction four years ago, that one MUST go out with pen/pencil and notebook! Not only do i do that...BUT the digital camera is rarely out of my reach, whether in bed, at home, on a bus, on the beach, or on the backstreets of Weymouth... CHEERS, K.

    1. I love your "scribbling furiously". Can just imagine! I always take two pens now in case one's a dud! Look forward to reading more. One of your correspondents referred to the blue sky. I think it's Californian or Australian big sky /sky's the limit!