Monday, 23 March 2015

my name is BERNARD, and i'm a fotograffer. It all started in 1959 when i was given a BROWNIE 127 for passing the 11+ EXAM. As a teenager i created some SALVADOR DALI fotos with the help of my little brother, ROBIN. i have always taken a few fotos...but with these new fangled digital cameras, it has become just too easy to take two, three or even 400 shots in a day. But then there is all this blogging to do into the night or when waking in the early hours i immediately think of night fotos with longish exposures. A friend suggested PHOTOGRAPHERS ANONYMOUS may be of some help...i DON'T KNOW....Anyway these fotos of a recent walk thru "my" RADIPOLE LAKE RESERVE thankfully did not stretch into an all-night session as my MEMORY CARD unexpectedly ran dry. MANY THANX FOR LISTENING AND LOOKING. IT FELT GOOD GETTING EVERYTHING OUT ONTO THIS BLOG. GASSHO bernard hemensley @ GOLDEN GOJI HERMITAGE : MARCH 2015.








golden goji hermitage
24 / march / 2015

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  1. It isnt exactly so but i imagine a progression in this set from encounter with nature, almost overwhelmed by its presence, to the social & personal inscription as the photographer (? --ok, the fotograffer) identifies his own excursion in & through specific place. Much to like in the sequence --statuesque trees & foliage offset by sky, undermined by wind --ah yes, catkins! --and the inserted geological sculptures.... Good work Bernard!