Thursday, 7 May 2015

it is enuf to just sit quietly (1)

"Sitting motionlessly quiet, for minutes or hours, regardless of length of time, is being in touch with the movements of the body-mind, gross and subtle, dull and clear, shallow and deep, without any opposition, resistance, grasping, or escape. It is being in intimate touch with the whole network of thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions without judging them good or bad, right or wrong --- without wanting anything to continue or stop. It is an inward seeing without knowing, an open sensitivity to what is going on inside and out --- flowing without grasping or accumulating. Stillness in the midst of motion and com-motion, is free of will, direction, and time. It is a complete letting be of what is from moment to moment.

Awareness, insight, enlightenment, wholeness --- whatever words one may pick to label what cannot be caught in words --- is not the effect of a cause. Activity does not destroy it. It isn't a product of anything --- no technique, method, environment, tradition, posture, or nonactivity can create it. It is there, uncreated, freely functioning in wisdom and love, when self-centered conditioning is clearly revealed in all its grossness and subtleness and diffused in the light of understanding."

[Please note : in the above extract, from "THE WORK OF THIS MOMENT", i have taken the liberty of using the word "DIFFUSED" rather than "DEFUSED" - (page 61).  i trust this will elucidate Toni Packer's intended meaning. If this is incorrect, on my part, please forgive my ignorance.]

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