Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Early morning exit thru Radipole in obligatory wind-cheating hip-hop hoody-jacket eating banana-breakfast in the company of birds..........Swallows skim lake at speed around bridge near kissing-gate where Mr and Mrs Cox found true peace after wandering the world at will all their lives..........Blackbird and pigeon fall-in with kinhin dawdle-style meditation on this path for a while then fly-off in haste over the reeds..........A sparrow lands softly on the path ahead of me pecking amongst the brimming puddles of last night's rain...........We're en-route......... ROOT-DE-TOOT.......... [ Golden Goji Hermitage - 5 / v / 2015 ]


  1. 'en-route' as good as it gets! and the feeling of, like "on my way to happiness" etc... Amusing how all the birds are shaking it up around you while youre dawdling! Perhaps a bit like stilling oneself to such a degree that the mountains dance before you! (That came out of talk many years ago with dear dreaming poet John Anderson, whose understanding of the Merri Creek akin to yours of Radipole...) Nice piece, B... x K

    1. "This is as good as it gets" has been my own mantra of late. Dad, said it a lot, tho with a certain sort of irony, i felt.
      i say it currently, alongside thinking I'm in heaven....Or that when i'm "sitting" i'm some sort of a reincarnate Buddha....
      Yes, in every moment on the journey, one has arrived....birds or no birds!
      THANX MR.K.

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