Monday, 2 June 2014

It is well known that DOUGHGEN'S TEACHINGS were formed when he found the true teaching in CHINA. He was always keen in later life to refer to the original words and thinking of THE BUDDHA. It is therefore critical for us in cotemporary times to find the words of a teacher of the stature of SHUNRYU SUZUKI who had this to say in his groundbreaking book, ZEN MIND, BEGINNERS MIIND the following passage = " Bread is made from flour. How flour becomes bread when put in the oven was for BUDDHA, the most important thing........In order to find-out how DOUGH became perfect bread, he made it over and over again, until he became quite successful. THAT WAS HIS PRACTICE."............(Golden GOJI Hermitage - 3RD/JUNE/2014)

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