Friday, 4 October 2013

IN AND OUT OF SLEEP the radio like a lullaby during the night and this early morning. My throat is parched and sore and i rise for water and fresh lemon to ease my croak... rising again with sweet music in my ears and descending the stairs i walk in the balmy-aired night moon no stars. Awakening for a third time i hear a radio commentator talking about SEAMUS HEANEY who like a Zen Master "wrote" a death poem minutes before he died for his wife i believe = NO NEED TO WORRY...DON'T BE AFRAID........ i would love to soundly sleep now listening to "the sounds of rain",,,,,,

5 aye em...Golden GOJI Hermitage - 5/October/2013


  1. Please excuse blurriness of fitful sleep...last words, texted by HEANEY were = Noli timere, don't be afraid. These were to Mary, his wife. Ah, not enough attention on my part, all round!!!

  2. "The sounds of rain." = poem by Heaney, im Richard Ellmann. (Seeing Things - Faber and Faber, 1991)