Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A man of my acquaintance was completely non-plussed as to why i would be going by bus to West Bay earlier this afternoon. "All the pubs will be closed by the time you get there!" he said...He was wrong. But i did not go for the beer. The attraction, for me, was DAVID INSHAW'S "recent paintings" at SLADER'S YARD. Unfortunately, the short time i spent there, was about the time it would take to have a quick half-pint...But it would be Real English Ale at Slader's today!... The "OAK TREE" (oil on canvas, 36 x 38 inches, 2011 @ £30,000) caught my eye...the jagged lightning balanced by upward, forked and bare branches... And a limited edition print of "THE CRICKET GAME III" will always be a favourite..."Fuck off and don't come back" had an amusing storyline behind it, said one of the two painters i chatted to at the gallery = domestic drama = naked figures, a priappic figure and birds conflagrating in a night garden...i couldn't help but think of Maurice Sendak. Anyway, what with talking far too much... was it permissible to take fotos etc ...i would be in danger of missing my bus home...i only had just short of an hour available...i will be back for a full drinking session of this very English brew at Slader's Yard very soon...i hope.......

* * *
Golden GOJI Hermitage

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