Monday, 11 March 2013

Snow in from the south. Here in the south, spring-buds nipped by Siberian winds. Below freezing. i have struggled thru a night of nausea, a spinning room, and perversely, heat-stroke in this unheated home....At 4 the snow was falling as a sort of slush and the road was clear....At 5, a hot, sweet drink of chicory with soya was the ultimate in pleasure, reassurance and relief....Around 6, it was more light than dark - snow-glow...and the radio dj played "Midnight in Moscow"...

View : out front

View : out back

Golden GOJI Hermitage @ 7
11 March 2013

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  1. The view out back the one to hold onto. Actually & symbolically i mean. 'Heat stroke' is a funny one though. From where i'm sitting the flurry of snow preferable to the blanket of heat. Not ours to prefer though!