Saturday, 23 March 2013


My mother entered me in a "Beautiful Baby" competition at the local summer fete. I was six months old. The judges, failing to notice the crusty cradle-cap,under my neatly arranged, fair hair, awarded me first prize! "You were so beautiful, you should have been the girl of the family," my aunt would say in later years. And also that, "Your mother was so happy, anyone would think SHE had won first prize."
Well, in a way, my mother had. And she took me to a photographic studio in town, to record the occasion.
My mother also wrote to Margaret Brady of "HEALTH FOR ALL" magazine at this time, for a remedy for the cradle-cap. Almond milk was suggested as an alternative to regular feeds - maybe the breast milk was too rich for me...and to drink a lot of water before breastfeeding...and not to drink milk herself at this time. It worked.

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