Thursday, 23 February 2012


Jerry Cobbold speaks on page 329 of WEYMOUTH SANDS (John Cowper Powys - The Overlook Press 1999) = "Your baboon's arse may be an Aurora Borealis..." And this morning on the beach @ Weymouth i see the universe in a gram of sand, a sea-weed, a playful dog, a plastic bag, a Ben Nicholson painting, driftwood, foot and paw prints, a moustache....

And at end of walk and musings, i find No.1 for No1. Appropriate that these things come to my mind looking thru his eyes from our Hemensley family home in Weymouth, in Dorset. "Have a base and be mobile," is what he has advised for years. Happy now, to be based in the county of Thomas Hardy, William Barnes & The Powys Family.

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  1. Great series, Bernard. Love the "number 1" pic. You should immed. get out your crayons and do a series of copies, A-4 size. Yep, hommage a St Ives! Re- Weymouth Sands, ironic wasnt it last April that we cdnt find the book anywhere (new or second-hand) for Catherine to take home to Laos with her!And then Monique located a copy on Amazon! I've recently begun JCP's After My Own Fashion...