Sunday, 12 February 2012


Seemingly, each day is the best of my life. Each day aspire to have no expectation of what lies in store. And it then exceeds the idea of my non-expectation for the day. Something actually happens which is always joyous and blissful. In fact, i probably misuse the term, but i feel as if this very body is a "bliss body". Is it because i am managing to be mindfully aware, and experience this present moment almost perpetually? This is my mind now trying to assess the past. Trying to confirm my progress out of over 40 years of anxiety. But no crowing about it. Everything seems fluid and easy now - (by comparison ? - is that what i still have not got away from ?) But there is nothing better than the present moment = THICH NHAT HANH = PRESENT MOMENT, WONDERFUL MOMENT.  Maybe i actually learned something from the 70 plus books i have of his. AH ! too many books ? As younger brother says when i relate that i have bought such and such a book, or found 2 or 3 second-handers = "You'll enjoy looking at those beautiful spines on your bookshelves ! You'll put them up there and see nowt else of 'em.!" And we are NOT from Yorkshire ! But in my opinion, there's nowt as queer as self. Time to drop it.?

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