Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Cross-legged on the stones mountainbike on its side absorbed by bluegreen sea & small white rolling surf that crests the waves and there's a whooshing sound not as sonorous as at Chesil it's a gentling whoosh that's comforting with its regularity over the stones.
There's a group of 6 people to my right not so far away that i don't know what's going-on with a casual glance or two but i cannot hear voices not even from the 3 babies 2 can negotiate the pebbles to the water unaided while the youngest other crawls mighty fast only to be retrieved before getting to the sea i mused that maybe they were Mormons the man had a big beard it was hard to say which of the babies was with which of the 2 young women or if they indeed were all his the man went swimming plunged-in quickly without changing or stripping-off his shorts & "T" shirt then changed into fresh things when he returned after a few minutes and laid-down on his back in the sun.
3 seagulls in view and white sails far away and some sorts of vessels glinting indicating their presence nothing else to inform the eye that there is anything even there.
Clouds accumulating ringing the bay from the hills but the sun should see-out the afternoon and early evening without any interference.
Elderly man instructs child on the art of skimming stones that bounce on the waters while an elegantly dressed blonde snaps fotos lovingly but the exercise is soon terminated as the child does not appear to have the co-ordination required and they joggle up the beach to their cafĂ© only to return a few minutes later and repeat the performance & 2 passing pale shirtless teens trying to light-up roll-ups in the breeze pitch a few stones hurriedly with equally no real aptitude. 
i look-up from my hurried scribbling to see a paddle steamer out at sea i do believe it's of the Red Funnel Line with 2 red white and black striped funnels it's halfway across the bay and so far-out i could easily have missed it i see a yacht cross its bows at extremely close quarters but it's hard to gauge from the shore at such a distance and by how far it missed i do not know.
i've been here about 1 hour i've eaten my 2 mandarins i've read a little more of the little book by Thoreau (Walking) i brought with me and earmarked a passage to post on my blog and it's relatively peaceful and uninhabited on this part of the long beach and i think Riley would've equally enjoyed a life such as this!
* * *
bernard hemensley
8 / SEPTEMBER / 2015

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