Sunday, 12 October 2014

THE TWIGS AND CUTTINGS AND BRANCHES HAVE ACCUMULATED SINCE LATE SUMMER'S START ON TIDYING THIS "WILD" "HERMITAGE" GARDEN OF MINE TO THE EXTENT THAT IT WILL MAKE A WONDERFUL BONFIRE FOR "GUY FAWLKES" NIGHT IN ABOUT THREE WEEKS TIME. After November 5th i aim to keep the site of the bonfire and have a permanent sort of "FIRE PIT" situated as it is near the renovation project of the Garden Bench under an arbour of the Bay Tree and the overarching brambles and ivy and honeysuckle...of course if the rain of recent days persists into November the bonfire will not catch enough to burn through...

...this afternoon, after 2 hours in the garden and having prepared the vegetable mash for supper, i lay on the sofa watching the rain drops multiply on the window and listening to the chanting of KRISHNA DAS. The sky was just a light grey blanket of scuddings as of other afternoons and evenings and no summer sun when i would bask in the warmth until the high hedge at the bottom of the garden intervened.
At present i can almost adopt the natural rhythm of watching the dawn break when I rise to practice yoga and sit... AND go to bed after supper soon after it gets dark. Watching the sky and the clouds and the waving branches and leaves of trees in a breeze is refreshment and fulfilment enuf......   In the U.K. one would spend a lot of time in bed adhering to the rhythm of day into night and night into day for it to govern ones activity......But at this time of year it makes for an interesting and natural pattern for ones life...

* * *


  1. You open up a big conversation when you speak of 'natural' wch somehow excludes human inventions like electric light for example! I have to smile at your basking image : i guess we are defined by the environments we inhabit, and the basking reminds me that most of your Northern European year is cold whereas the reverse obtains down here! "Follow the sun" could only have been an English sentiment! Your contentment is palpable tough : good on ya! Long may it last!

  2. typo in above : 'though' not 'tough'! However funny the error is!!!

  3. "Palpable tough" certainly sits well with me. Am instantly recalling Nils Lofgren's 1970's album = "Cry tough".
    But really i entered this dialogue to say, Yes, i am well aware of that "big conversation" one could have around "natural". What is "Nature" ? etc. Nature is not going to feed and clothe us. We have to act/do something/interact and invent lightbulbs.... MMMMmmmmmm....interesting.