Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Today, i gave-up sugar...not that there was so much of it to give-up!
My older brother, on hearing, from time-to-time that i'm gonna give-up alcohol, says = "There's nothing to give-up!"... in-as-much-as, i consume so little of it in the first place. give-up SUGAR! Is that possible? Where would one still find sweetness? But it's no good clinging to that over-processed, ultra-refined, beautifully packaged, or latest, wonderful, artificial substitute that one just cannot do without. No good clinging, period......JUST BREATHE - YOU ARE ALIVE......
There is nectar in hearing the rain beating on the conservatory roof tonight. Do not look for sugar or sweetness outside of yourself. 
i remember the Egyptian proverb my mother often used to quote to me = "OM YUSSULL, YOM BUSSULL" = One day honey, one day onions.
The sweet nectars will come and go......The rain stops and starts......
Golden GOJI Hermitage

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