Monday, 24 June 2013

IT'S FOUR IN THE MORNING AND (supposedly) summer in England and i'm ready for hatha yoga routines, sooner rather than later. The skies are lightening, as is my attitude to practice, whether it be zazen, yoga or diet etc......People refer to these sorts of things in their lives as a "PRACTICE" or their "PATH"....... Moreso and moreso i am stepping away from these terms as they tend to infer that there is some end or goal in mind....a destination........WELL, this could be self-limiting and as far as i'm concerned, the possibilities are various and infinite.......KRISHNAMURTI talks about the PATHLESS PATH and what it is TO BE HUMAN..........ON THE WALL in front of me, as i pause from this writing, i smile at the EINSTEIN quote tacked-up here = "Two things are infinite : the universe and human stupidity - and i'm not sure about the universe."....... think "we" can solve "things" with our rational minds is a great conceit......

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