Wednesday, 26 December 2012

BIG MAC - 2013

i did not get sucked-in to Christmas-Day Dietary-Excesses this year. In fact, y'day was the first day of my intended MacDougall(BIG MAC)-inspired New-Year's-Day-Diet. Don't worry, no humans, other than myself, were harmed by this decision! : one of the perks of living a near hermit-like existence!

i gave away the mozarella and the feta cheeses. i gave away the Indian pakoras, bhajis and samosas. And i gave away the too-rich "homoss", even tho' it was organic. i felt lighter and healthier at one fell stroke.

So, once again, after a two-month hiatus, i return to a highly acceptable, almost 100%, plant-based, low-fat, whole-foods diet. Am allowing for a little vegan irreverence. Tho whenever i do stray, it is never very far.

And remember - DISEASES rarely run in families..DIETS do!!! Treat the family to a "BIG MAC" diet in 2013!!! Eat greens & grains, salads & vegetables, fruits & seeds. Any other vegan food should be of condiment proportions. Do not add or cook with fats or oils. Do the best you can. It is not all-or-nothing. But if you cheat twice a week, that is 100 times per year!!! YOUR VERY GOOD HEALTH...and A HAPPY NEW YEAR. XXX

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