Saturday, 16 June 2012


Monsieur Nado, aka STINGY ARTIST, left his hermitage, this Sunday morning, for Radipole Lake @ 04.10 hrs.,on his bicycle. Soon it will be mid-summer's day. He intends to celebrate his late mother's birthday on this day. She will be 88. Her ashes still occupy a cardboard carton, as delivered by the undertaker, a few days after her cremation. Monsieur Nado is still on the look-out for a "proper" vessel, in which to honour those remains. A local potter, a Buddhist, did make "urns" for this purpose, but was indisposed at the time of his enquiry. So the ashes sit, these two years past, in Monsieur Nado's bedchamber, until something just as suitable can be found. Or, maybe he will scatter them at the Lake, where once they were mistaken for sweet-hearts, sitting together on a bench, viewing the lake's calm waters, from one of the quiet paths that intersect this Lake....tres "Jules et Jim"...or nouveau Monsieur Nado's imagination!
Monsieur Nado was up and out early, to capture some pre-dawn photos. Unfortunately, not so many photos, as the memory-card on his digital camera expired along the way, but hopefully, not at the expense of artistic integrity displayed  as accompaniment to this text. Not too melancholic ? "Melancholy", certainly not being experienced by M.Nado. Roll on, the glorious twenty-first of June and the FOUR DAYS time!

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